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Sir Jess PH

Premium Calamansi Concentrate

Premium Calamansi Concentrate

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Calamansi Concentrate : Everyone should always take simple daily precautions to help prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses.

FDA Approved! DOST Assisted! IPO Trademark!

Did you know? Sir Jess Premium Calamansi Concentrate is carefully processed with no added water in it and just pure extract from the 7000+ calamansi trees sourced from our own farm 🌳 And for honey, muscuvado and local cane we have sourced and helped local producers and farmers too⚠️ If you have notice, our calamansi concentrate is not thickened with other unreal ingredients.

Just the way it should be. What is the real taste of Calamansi? It is citrusy sour and not sweet. That's why we labeled it: Add sweetener to your preference if you want to make it as juice but for some they leave it as is...your choice will always matter! Sir Jess Premium Calamansi Concentrate available in 500ml - available nationwide.

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Negros Calamansi Concentrate
Bacolod Calamansi
Bacolod Calamansi Concentrate
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