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Benny the Pig Soft Plushie

Benny the Pig Soft Plushie

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100% hypoallergenic plush toys
Non-toxic, all-new materials
Zero detachable and hazard parts
Eurofins tested for Children Product Safety Certificate

Benny is a special brown pig from the coast of Africa. His dad “Duroc” was the biggest pig ever to live in Africa and maybe in the world. Benny hopes that one day he will be as big and strong as his dad was. Benny now lives alone – but has found new friends with Ellie, Karl and Jimmy so it feels like he has a new family again. Benny will do anything to save and protect his friends. He is strong and will never be shy of putting himself first if there is danger. 

Benny’s special traits: Strong, Courageous, and Cunning
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