SpeedGifts is your newest online gifting and delivery service, dedicated to global Filipinos who would want to share precious moments with their loved ones wherever they may be.

What are your products?
Speedgifts has gifts in-store for every occasion. We have packaged family baskets, seasonal gifts (for Valentine's day, Christmas, Easter, etc.), as well as edible goodies and groceries. And you can have them all delivered to your doorstep conveniently without worries.

Do you have a physical shop?
No, Speedgifts doesn’t have a physical shop. However, you can find any gift you need here. And if you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us at speedgiftsph@gmail.com.

How can I contact you?
You can get in touch with us here:
Email address: speedgiftsph@gmail.com
Customer Care Hotline: (02) 987-6543
We're also on Facebook & Instagram

Order and Delivery Ordering and delivery at Speedgifts is fast, easy, secure, and most of all, convenient. The perfect gifts for your loved ones are just a few clicks away; track your package, get in touch with us, and more. Read more to see the FAQs about orders and deliveries.
Ordering and delivery at Speedgifts is fast, easy, secure, and most of all, convenient. The perfect gifts for your loved ones are just a few clicks away; get in touch with us, and more. Read more to see the FAQs about orders and deliveries.

How do I place an order?
Login to your account, search our collections, and add the item to cart. Fill out the necessary information, include some instructions, and then place your order.

How long until my order arrives?
Deliveries to Metro Manila take anywhere from 3-5 days.

What are the delivery fees and rates?
Delivery fees depend on the destination of your consignee. Rates will be available once you checkout and before you pay your orders.

Do you offer discounts for orders made?
Yes we do. If you want to stay on top of the latest discounts and offers on Speedgifts, please follow our social media pages to be informed.

What if I receive a damaged product?
We securely wrap all the gifts before they are delivered to ensure that you don't receive damaged or spoiled items. In the case that it does happen, kindly reach out to our customer support team for further help so we can replace the damaged items or process a refund accordingly.

Can I change my order details?
Yes, you may change order details if you make your request 1 day before your gift is scheduled to be delivered. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further questions.

How do I cancel my order?
To cancel your orders for whatever reason, kindly reach out to our customer support team 48 hours before scheduled delivery time, so we can take the proper action.
Your account at Speedgifts is important to us and to you. From learning how to create your own account to keeping it secure and protected, Speedgifts has your questions covered. Read more on the FAQs about your account to find out more.

How to create an account?
Go to the My Account page. Register using your email address, set a username, and a password. Check your email for account verification instructions, follow them, and you're all set.

Can I login using my social media accounts?
Yes, you can! You have the option to register through your Google account or Facebook.

Can I create multiple accounts?
Yes, you can. But to have as many accounts as you want, you will need a unique email address and password for each ID.

How do I view transactions in my account?
If you have an account at Speedgifts, you can view your Order History and see every transaction you've ever made on this site.

Do I need to register for an account to buy gifts?
No, you can go directly through the checkout process as a guest. But you'll be missing out on the unique features offered to the registered members of the site.

Speedgifts has varied payment methods for your convenience. Checkout anytime, anywhere without hassle. Payment at Speedgifts is fast, secure, and very easy. If you have questions, read through Speedgifts' FAQs for payment to know more.

What are the available payment options?
Speedgifts has multiple payment options for your convenience. You can pay via online banking or credit/debit card on our system.

Are your payment options secured?
Yes. Speedgifts has multiple online payment security measures in place. Your information is encrypted and protected.

How do I know if my payment is successful?
After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation message from Speedgifts that assures that your order is received and is being processed.
The security of your account and your personal privacy is Speedgifts' priority. We go the extra mile to ensure that all your personal information is protected and used accordingly. To learn about your rights as a user of this site, read more about Privacy and Security in this FAQ.

What is your privacy policy?
We have a complete policy for this. Please visit Speedgifts’ Privacy Policy [link to Privacy Policy page] to read and know all the details.

Can I visit Speedgifts and browse without giving away personal details?
Yes, you can browse Speedgifts without having to provide the personal details. But if you wish to use the full functions and services made available by Speedgifts, you'll be required to sign up for an account.

Is my order information private?
Any information you provide to Speedgifts is treated as private information, and will not be shared. This includes your name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card information. Your personal contact information may be shared with our partner courier, Airspeed, so they can keep in touch with you about the status of your order.

What kind of information do you collect from me?
We track the products you've viewed, your shipping address, as well as your personal information. All the information we collect from you is used to send you information about your account and your orders, respond to your questions, process your online payments and prevent fraud, set up your Speedgifts account, and comply with legal obligations. For further details, read our Privacy Policy. [link to Privacy Policy page]

How do you keep my personal data secured?
Speedgifts uses encryption and other security measures to keep your personal information protected. This site has two-factor authentication, and trained and certified staff on data protection. For more details, visit our Privacy Policy. [link to Privacy Policy page]

Do I have a right over my personal data in your site?
Yes you do. You have a right to ask us what data we have about you, ask for changes or updates to be made, request to have your personal data deleted. For more details, visit our Privacy Policy. [link to Privacy Policy page]

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